On July 7, 2017, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security ("MOHRSS") issued the Three-year Action Plan for Crackdown upon Wage Arrears and Guarantee of Wage Payment (2017-2019) (the "Plan").

The Plan clearly states that the real-name administration for employment will be put into practice in all aspects, expected to apply to over 40 percent of engineering projects under construction by the end of 2017 and 70 percent by the end of 2018 and cover almost all such projects by the end of 2019. The Plan points out that the wage deposits system will be fully promoted in the engineering construction sector, and the deposits should be paid in a differential way according to the payment of wages made by each employer; it also calls for promoting the third-party guarantee system, such as the bank guarantee, and standardizing methods concerning the collection, payment, use and return of the wage deposits. Moreover, the Plan calls for more efforts to impose harsher credit punishments on default of wages, launch a memorandum of understanding for various departments on taking joint disciplinary actions against serious wage arrears by the end of 2017, establish and organize the implementation of the blacklist of enterprises default in payment of wages, and regularly make public seriously illegal cases in respect of wages in arrears. Additionally, the Plan stresses the need to improve the system of monitoring the payment of wages, put in place provisions that require the monthly payment of wages in full amount, and give full play to the role of mediation and arbitration in resolving labor disputes.


2017年7月7日,人社部办公厅印发《治欠保 支三年行动计划(2017-2019)》(下称《计 划》)。

《计划》明确,全面推行劳动用工实名制管 理,2017年底前实名制管理覆盖40%以上在 建工程项目,2018年底前覆盖率达到70%, 到2019年底基本实现全覆盖。《计划》提出, 在工程建设领域全面推行工资保证金制 度,根据用人单位工资支付情况,实行差 异化缴存,推行银行保函等第三方担保制 度,规范工资保证金收缴、使用、退还办 法。《计划》要求,加大对欠薪违法行为的信 用惩戒力度,2017年底前制定严重欠薪联 合惩戒部门合作备忘录,制定并组织实施 欠薪企业“黑名单”制度,定期公布重大欠薪 违法案件。《计划》还强调完善工资支付监控 机制,落实按月足额支付工资规定,充分 发挥劳动争议调解仲裁作用等。