Motorola joined the smart phone litigation fray with the filing of complaints with two U.S. district courts and with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) that accuse Apple, Inc. of infringing 18 Motorola patents in the design of the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod Touch and certain Mac computer products. Patent infringement suits filed late last week with the U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of Illinois and the Southern District of Florida seek unspecified damages for Apple’s unauthorized use of Motorola technologies that relate, among other things, to the management of wireless e-mail and other software applications on smart phones, mobile communications functions, and location-based services. Motorola is also asking the ITC to block the importation of Apple devices that contain the infringed technologies and the marketing of such products in the U.S. Although the complaint is the first to be brought by Motorola over the patents in question, the lawsuit mirrors a similar patent case brought by Finnish handset maker Nokia against the iPhone; Apple has countersued in that case. Apple, meanwhile, is asserting its patent rights in court against Google’s unlicensed use of Apple technology in Google’s Android wireless operating system. Motorola, in turn, remains the target of separate smart phone patent suits brought by Microsoft, Nokia and Research-in-Motion.