The Texas Insurance Department (“Department”) determined that American National Ins. Co. and other insurance companies were incorrect when they reported stop-loss insurance policies that they sold to self-funded employee benefit plans as reinsurance instead of direct insurance. The Companies disagreed, and brought the matter to court. The trial court granted the Department’s motion for summary judgment, agreeing with the Department that self-funded plans are not insurers under Texas law. The Companies appealed, and the Appellate Court reversed. It found that by selling the stop-loss policies at issue in this case to self-funded benefits plans and reporting their sale to the Department as a sale of assumed reinsurance, the Companies did not violate those provisions of the Texas Insurance Code cited by the Department. The Court filed an Order with instructions to enter judgment in favor of Companies on the issue. American National Ins. Co. v. Texas Dept. of Insurance, No. 03-08-00535-CV (Tex. App. Ct. Dec. 16, 2009).