The House of Lords Constitution Committee has issued a follow-up report on judicial appointments. As well as requesting "resolute and unflinching" support from the Lord Chancellor in defending the judiciary from personal attacks, the Lords considered:

  • why it is difficult to retain and recruit judges, including: the difference between public and private sector pay; poor morale following the dispute about their pensions; the dilapidated state of the court buildings and the support functions; the retirement age; and the issue of judges returning to private practice;
  • recruitment issues and how to ensure a steady stream of applications without lowering the high standard; and
  • following limited improvement in the diversity of the judiciary, how to make high-level judicial posts open to a wider pool of applicants and the need for pre-application training.

To read the Select Committee on the Constitution, Judicial Appointments: follow-up, (7th Report of Session 2017-19, published 2 November 2017, HL Paper 32), click here.