This is Part 9 of a nine-part series examining divisional practice in the BRIC as well as several non-BRIC countries. To view Part 1 (Divisional Practice in Mexico), click here. To view Part 2 (Divisional Practice in Brazil), click here. To view Part 3 (Divisional Practice in the United States), click here. To view Part 4 (Divisional Practice in India), click here. To view Part 5 (Divisional Practice in Russia), click here. To view Part 6 (Divisional Practice in China), click here. To view Part 7 (Divisional Practice in Canada), click here. To view Part 8 (Divisional Practice in Europe), click here.

In this last post in the series, we at the BRIC Wall are pleased to provide a table summarizing the key aspects of divisional practice in the eight countries surveyed. We hope our readers have found this series to be education and informative.

Divisional Summary Table:  FINALDIVISONALTABLE 2