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Asbestos Injury Risk in UK Carpenters

While asbestos related illness can affect anyone, certain tradespeople who worked in the UK may be particularly at risk.


Why is Asbestos-Injury Being Under-Reported?


Kevin Finneran provides a detailed analysis of Freedom of Information requests revealing that asbestos-induced lung cancer is being seriously under-reported due to misdiagnosis.

Summary of Responses to Asbestos Freedom of Information Requests

Michelmores' specialist asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers made asbestos Freedom of Information requests to hospitals around the South West, seeking information about their reporting standards for asbestos related lung cancer. The findings suggest that this condition is not being properly reported.


HSE Launches #BewareAsbestos Campaign

With an average of 20 people dying from an asbestos related disease each week, awareness of asbestos is key. Read about how the issue is being promoted on social media:


Court Fees Will Not Increase for Mesothelioma Sufferers           

While the court fees for bringing an asbestos claim have increased across the board, mesothelioma claims are not subject to the change. Read more about how this affects people claiming for asbestos compensation:


Supreme Court judgement on Zurich v IEG offers clarity for insurers and claimants

Read Michelmores' analysis of how employers and their insurers in asbestos claims deal with the compensation payments for injured employees.


400 deaths to asbestos in 5 years in the West Country

An alarming number of people continue to die from asbestos related disease in the West Country, with numbers expected to reach a peak in 2016. Read more about the latest findings:


Asbestos Update: Doctors Failing to Diagnose Lung Disease

Recent research shows that thousands of people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) could have been diagnosed and treated earlier. This has huge implications for asbestos and mesothelioma victims.


Notice of Asbestos Injury Trust to T&N Employers

A scheme for people who were exposed to asbestos while working for a range of companies owned by the T&N has been established. Read more about the scheme and how to seek help if you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-induced condition:


Court of Appeal Saw Sense; Next Stop Supreme Court?

A fascinating decision over whether a lack of awareness of the dangers asbestos can protect an employer from a claim by one of its workers suffering from an asbestos injury.


Asbestos Update: MP Criticizes Mesothelioma Bill

Read about the arguments against the Government's Mesothelioma Bill, which will only make payments under limited circumstances and, it is argued, not compensate mesothelioma victims adequately.


Asbestos Claims Update – Court of Appeal Sees Sense

Read a report on the landmark decision in an asbestos case confirming that less awareness of the dangers of the substance is not a defence to illegally exposing an employer to risks.


Common Myths about Mesothelioma Claims

Read about mesothelioma myths and popular misunderstandings in asbestos claims: