Less than one month after President Obama released the U.S. Cyberspace Policy Review, the UK announced yesterday a national Cyber Security Strategy. Similar to the recommendation in the U.S. review that a cybersecurity policy official in the Executive Office of the President be appointed, the UK plans to form an Office of Cyber Security, along with "a Cyber Security Operations Centre [that] will provide coordinated protection of critical IT systems."

According to the Written Ministerial Statement by the Prime Minister, the National Security Strategy (of which the Cyber Security Strategy is a part) identifies the domain of cyberspace as one with increasing importance and correspondingly increasing vulnerability. As a result, the Cyber Security Strategy focuses on a number of different areas including "outlining improvements to government structures, additional funding, measures to enhance our ability to detect attack, better risk assessments, programmes to develop cyber security industrial capabilities and workforce skills, and support and advice for individual citizens."

More generally, the UK National Security Strategy emphasizes the need for an international approach to the issue of cyberspace. Although nationalistic priorities must be respected, the nature of cyberspace requires a globally coordinated effort to address the cybersecurity problems and challenges that we all face.