From October 1, additional provisions of the UK Companies Act 2006 (the Act) will be implemented. These provisions include those relating to the exercise of shareholders’ rights, company directors, derivative actions by shareholders, general meetings and resolutions and the appointment and retirement of directors by rotation.

New model Articles of Association which are set out in the Act for companies (and which will apply in default of a company drafting its own Articles of Association) (called Table A Articles) are effective from October 1 principally to remove or modify existing provisions under the UK Companies Act 1985 that conflict with new sections that are coming into force. The approach taken in amending Table A has been to amend only those provisions which are necessary to avoid actual conflict between Table A and the Act. Where the Act permits a company to modify the effect of a statutory provision in its Articles, Table A has not been amended.

The UK Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform has published a copy of the revised Articles of Association marked to show changes from the previous standard form Articles of Association.