The Basel Committee has published the results of its most recent Basel III monitoring exercise. As at 30 June 2015, all large internationally active banks meet the Basel III risk-based capital minimum Common Equity Tier 1 requirements as well as the target level of 7.0%. Basel III’s LCR, set at 60% in 2015, increases to 70% in 2016 and will continue to rise in equal annual steps to reach 100% in 2019. Of the 160 banks in the LCR sample, 84% reported an LCR that met or exceeded 100%, while all banks reported an LCR at or above the 2015 minimum requirement. The results of the monitoring exercise assume that the final Basel III package is fully in force. They do not take account of the transitional arrangements set out in the Basel III framework, such as the gradual phase-in of deductions from regulatory capital. In addition, updated versions of the assessment methodology and the additional loss absorbency requirement for global systemically important banks are provided on the Committee’s webpage. (Source: Basel Committee publishes Basel III monitoring report)