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Air carrier operations

Operating authorisation

What procedural and documentary requirements must air carriers meet in order to operate in your jurisdiction?

Israeli carriers must have an operational licence and a commercial licence.

Ownership and control

Do any nationality or other requirements or restrictions apply to ownership or control of air carriers operating in your jurisdiction?

For Israeli carriers, restrictions apply to:

  • individuals who are permanent residents in Israel or Israeli citizens whose major place of business is Israel; and
  • entities which are established in Israel with no major place of business outside Israel, the control of which is in the hands of Israeli citizens or permanent residents.

Financial requirements

What financial thresholds must air carriers meet to obtain operating authorisation?

As a condition for obtaining operating authorisation, the applicant must prove that he or she has (as owner or lessor of a long-term lease) at least two aircraft and that are capable of operation, subject to Civil Aviation Authority manager discretion.

Insurance coverage

What is the required level of insurance coverage for air carrier operations?

There is a draft of new regulations which set the minimum requirements for insurance coverage for air carrier operations. The regulations are not yet in force. For personal damages for passengers, the relevant provisions of the Montreal Convention apply.

Safety requirements

What safety requirements apply to air carrier operations, including with regard to professional and technical certifications?

The air carrier must:

  • prove its professional and technical ability;
  • appoint relevant officers (eg, a safety officer);
  • provide an operational and technical manual for the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority and other authority requirements; and
  • provide an authority-approved safety management system.

Environmental obligations

What environmental obligations apply to air carrier operations?

There are obligations in place in respect of the hours of operation of Ben Gurion Airport, as well as night restrictions on take-offs and noise restrictions.

Air traffic control

How are air traffic control services regulated in your jurisdiction?

The Airport Authority Law regulates air traffic control services.


Do any licensing requirements apply to specific routes?

Yes, subject to the provisions of the bilateral aviation agreements between Israel and the relevant country, there may be limitations regarding the number of air carriers, seats or frequencies, and licensing requirements may be relevant.

Are any public service obligations in place with respect to remote destinations?

Not applicable.

Charter services

Do any special provisions apply to charter services?

A request for approval of charter flights should be filed with the Civil Aviation Authority.


What taxes apply to the provision of air carrier services?

Several fees apply, mostly for the use of airport facilities. Air carriers are entitled to set certain surcharges on ticket fares.

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