The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently published a notice seeking “any industry organizations interested in participating in the selection of a nonvoting industry representative to the Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Advisory Committee [TSEAC].” Organizations that wish to participate in the selection of this nonvoting member should submit a letter stating their interest to FDA by October 18, 2012. The agency has also requested nominations for the post by the same date.

FDA has charged TSEAC with reviewing and evaluating “the available scientific data concerning the safety of products which may be at risk for transmission of spongiform encephalopathies having an impact on the public health.” The committee includes 15 voting members “knowledgeable in the fields of clinical and administrative medicine, hematology, virology, neurovirology, neurology, infectious diseases, immunology, transfusion medicine, surgery, internal medicine, biochemistry, biostatistics, epidemiology, biological and physical sciences, sociology/ethics, and other related professions.” See Federal Register, September 18, 2012.