On November 28, 2016, EPA issued a final rule adding a hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) category to the list of toxic chemicals subject to reporting under EPCRA Section 313. 81 Fed. Reg. 85440. EPA added this chemical category to the EPCRA Section 313 list because it determined that HBCD meets the EPCRA Section 313(d)(2)(B) and (C) toxicity criteria. Specifically, EPA has determined that HBCD can reasonably be anticipated to cause developmental and reproductive effects in humans and is highly toxic to aquatic and terrestrial organisms. Based on the available bioaccumulation and persistence data, EPA has determined that HBCD should be classified as a persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) chemical and assigned a 100-pound reporting threshold. This final rule was effective November 30, 2016.