1. You can designate over 80 countries in one international trade mark application.
  2. As new countries sign up to the international trade mark system, an application can be made to extend an existing international registration to those countries.
  3. Making an international trade mark application is streamlined and will, therefore, be cheaper for New Zealand companies who want to protect their trade mark overseas.
  4. The international trade mark system also makes it easier and cheaper for foreign companies to file trade mark applications in New Zealand.
  5. Trade mark applications by foreign companies are likely to increase.  New Zealand companies should ensure that their trade marks are protected before the international system comes into force in New Zealand.
  6. The system is likely to come into force in New Zealand in October 2012.
  7. New Zealand is likely to be the first country to have an online filing system for international trade marks.
  8. Oppositions may increase with more foreign companies filing under the international system, making it even more important that your trade mark portfolio is adequately protected.
  9. Renewals and any transactions affecting an international trade mark can be carried out centrally with a single request, which makes administering your international trade mark cheaper.