The European Commission has set out its agenda and timetable for the legislative proposals and non-legislative acts under its 2016 work programme that it expects to adopt. The initiatives include the following: (i) a white paper on revisions to the financing model for the European Supervisory Authorities (due Q2 of 2016); (ii) a proposal for a Regulation relating to the review of the EuVECA and EuSEF Regulations (due July 2016); (iii) a proposal for a Regulation on the recovery and resolution of CCPs (due Q3 of 2016; and (iv) a follow up to the call for evidence on the EU regulatory framework for financial services (due Q4 of 2016). The Commission also provided an overview of the date of adoption or, if not yet adopted, the planned year of adoption, of a number of level 2 financial services measures relating to, amongst others, the following level 1 legislative acts: MiFID, UCITS IV, AIFMD, CRD IV, MiFID II, MAR and EMIR.