A proposal for a new Regulation to implement the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act, 2008 was posted on the Environmental Registry on November 7, 2008 for a 45 day comment period.

The Regulation is intended to replace Ontario Regulation 914. It contains additional proposed provisions for implementing the cosmetic pesticides ban. The draft Regulation includes a list of pesticides to be banned for cosmetic use, a list of pesticides to be banned for sale and a list of domestic pesticide products to be restricted for sale. These latter products include those with cosmetic and non-cosmetic uses.

The draft Regulation provides for exceptions from the bans where the pest control product may be necessary for the control of plants that are poisonous or where the banned pesticides were required to meet safe conditions for public works including roads and railways. Golf courses are exempted subject to the requirement that they follow tough new rules including the requirement that they maintain an Integrated Pest Management Accreditation and file an annual report. Other exemptions apply for sports fields, and for the protection of natural resources where the pest control products are necessary to control and eradicate an invasive species.

For further information please see: http://www.ebr.gov.on.ca/ERS-WEB-External/displaynoticecontent.do?noticeId=MTA0OTk2&statusId=MTU3MjYz&language=en