On 28 April 2010, the General Court (GC) gave its Judgments on several appeals against the European Commission’s industrial threads cartel decision. The Commission’s 2005 decision followed the discovery of three separate price-fixing cartels affecting the European industrial threads sector and led to various companies being fined. A number of the parties fined sought an annulment or a reduction in the fines. The appeals of Amann & Söhne GmbH and Cousin Filterie SAS, Güttermann AG and Zwicky & Co AG, and Oxley Threads were all entirely dismissed by the GC. Despite various arguments being advanced about the number of infringements identified, whether they had constituted continuous infringements and whether the fines imposed were proportionate to the gravity of the offence, the GC upheld the Commission’s earlier findings. However, it did accept arguments made by a fourth appellant, Belgian Sewing Thread NV, regarding the level of its fine. The CG rejected most of the company’s grounds of appeal but did accept that the level of the company’s co-operation entitled it to a greater penalty reduction and it reduced the fine by a further 10%.