Any company that distributes video over internal distribution systems could be at risk from fine or sanction by the Federal Communications Commission. This client alert explains recent FCC actions that could affect any company that distributes videos, such as hospitals, nursing homes, apartment buildings, or office buildings.
The Federal Communications Commission recently released a public notice reminding non-cable multichannel video programming distributors (“non-cable MVPDs”) including, but not limited to, hotels, apartment buildings, universities, office buildings, hospitals and other multiple-unit communities that distribute multiple video channels to consumers, that they are required to notify the Commission prior to using Aeronautical Frequency bands (108-137 MHz and 225-400 MHz) in their system. Like cable MVPDs, non-cable MVPDs that use Aeronautical Frequencies must abide by the signal leakage requirements applicable to cable television systems. Notably, simultaneous with the release of the public notice, the Commission also released three official Citations issued to non-cable MVPDs in violation of the notice requirement. The Citations warned that continued conduct in violation of the rules could result in monetary forfeitures for any single act, seizure of equipment and criminal sanctions, including imprisonment.