Cascade Corporation v. Kinshofer GmbH, 2016 FC 1117

Cascade is the owner of a Canadian patent related to a safety locking device for quick couplers and claims that Kinshofer have infringed or induced infringement of this patent through their sale of a product known as the X-LOCK coupler. The Federal Court disagreed, holding in a summary trial that the patent was not infringed.

A quick coupler was defined to be used to quickly attach and remove implements at the end of an excavator arm for earth movers. The dispute turned on claim construction, where the Court determined that the patent's claims are limited to couplers that have independent hydraulic circuits for operating the front pin and back pin locks. The Court held that Kinshofer's product employs a hydraulic circuit to release the front pin which does not operate independently of the back pin locking mechanism including its hydraulic components. Thus, Kinshofer's product does not infringe.