Yesterday, we noted for you several recent articles regarding local production in the Basin.  We thought, therefore, we would note a couple for you on production outside the Basin - and in particular in North Dakota:

  • North Dakota Likely to Overtake California Oil Production.  "North Dakota will likely leapfrog California and may even overtake Alaska in the next year—far outpacing earlier industry predictions—to become one of the nation's three biggest oil-producing states, a government regulator said." (From San Jose Mercury News.)
  • Oil Boom Too Much of a Good Thing?  "New drilling technology has freed up vast reserves of oil in the Williston Basin of western North Dakota, fueling an economic bonanza that has become a flat-out gold rush. As the rest of the country desperately tries to skirt a double-dip recession, North Dakota boasts a $1 billion budget surplus and the nation's lowest unemployment rate. ***. Schools are rushing to hire more teachers. Towns are adding more cops. ***  But so many workers have flooded the oil patch that many long-time residents and officials are beginning to complain about something most places in the country could barely comprehend: Too much prosperity; too much rapid growth."  (From the Star Tribune.)