On December 11, 2015, the PRA published an addendum to its October 2015 consultation paper proposing the creation of a new framework that would require firms to ensure operational continuity of shared services that are considered critical to the economy in the event of failure of a firm, recovery action, resolution or post-resolution restructuring. The PRA released its initial proposals in October 2015, stating that the exact scope of firms that would be subject to the proposed rules would be set once the BoE had completed its calibration work for setting MREL, which is the European equivalent of total loss-absorbing capacity or TLAC. The BoE published its MREL proposals on December 11, 2015. The PRA proposes that banks, investment firms and building societies meeting the following criteria on January 1 of any year, would be subject to the new rules on operational continuity: (i) the firm’s total assets averaged over the previous 36 months exceeds £10 billion; (ii) the total value of safe custody assets the firm holds averaged over the previous 36 months exceeds £10 billion; or (iii) the total value of sight deposits (i.e. able to be withdrawn immediately, without notice) the firm holds averaged over the previous 36 months exceeds £350 million. The consultation closes on March 11, 2016. The PRA intends to publish its Policy Statement, final rules and supervisory rules in mid-2016. The new rules would apply from January 1, 2019.

The October consultation and Addendum consultation papers are available at: