Doug Richard, former “dragon” from Dragon’s Den, entrepreneur, educator and founder of School for Start- Ups has been asked by the Government to recommend how apprenticeships in England can meet the demands of the changing economy.

Mr Richard has recognised the value of apprenticeships within England and has acknowledged that employers are committed to delivering valuable experience to their apprentices. Mr Richard has, however, noted that with the current challenging economic climate there is now a need for employers and business owners to strive towards meeting higher standards of training and apprenticeships.

Mr Richard’s review includes the following recommendations:

  • Apprenticeships should be targeted to those only who are new to a job or for a role that requires substantial and ongoing training.
  • Greater emphasis on what the apprentice can do and achieve once they complete their training.
  • Encouragement for employers and other organisations to design and develop new apprenticeship qualifications relevant to their sectors and industry demands.
  • All apprentices to reach a good level in English and Maths before they can complete their apprenticeship.
  • Employers and government to take a more active role in safeguarding the quality in training and development for apprenticeships.

As apprenticeships become a more viable option for employers and business owners to obtain the relevant skills needed to sustain their business, the implementation of these recommendations would be a positive step to establishing apprenticeships within England as some of the best.

Readers should be aware that the apprenticeship relationship is wholly different to the employment relationship. The implications of breaching a contract of apprenticeship are likely to be much greater than when an employment contract is breached.