Littering Bill Approved by Senate Committees

The Environment, Consumer Protection, and Inspection and Control Committees have approved Bill No. 523/13, which would amend the National Policy on Solid Waste (Law 12.305/10) to require municipalities and the Federal District to establish fines for littering. Already adopted in some cities, the rule would be applied nationwide.

INMETRO Technical Regulation on Lighting Equipment Open For Public Comment

The National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality (“INMETRO”) has published Ordinance No. 511 for the technical deregulation of electromagnetic ballast for tubular fluorescent lamps. The Ordinance will be open for a 60-day public comment period, beginning October 13, 2015.

Chamber of Deputies Launches Parliamentary Front for National Solid Waste Policy

The Parliamentary Front, which is made up of 222 members, advocates for the effective application of the National Solid Waste Policy (Law 12.305 /10), which determines the termination of all landfills and the adoption of reverse logistics systems within Brazilian municipalities.

E-Waste Management and Disposal Bill Proposed

Bill No. 2940/15 has been proposed in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies to require take-back and adequate management and disposal of end-of-life electronics and components. The Bill's core provisions appear intended to reinforce existing requirements under the National Solid Waste Policy Law (No. 12305/10) and the Basel Convention, but have the potential to alter those requirements, e.g., by equating e-waste to "chemical waste" and prohibiting movements of e-waste across municipal boundaries.

Official Climate Change Commitment Made

In anticipation of COP21, Brazil pledges to cut emissions 37% by 2025 and 43% by 2030, both when compared to 2005 levels.

Quality Management Systems Standards Published

ABNT NBR ISO 9000:2015 and ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015 are now available for purchase from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (“ABNT”).

Chemicals Legislation in Development

The Ministry of the Environment (“MMA”) has announced that by the end of 2015, the National Chemical Safety Commission (“CONASQ”), in coordination with the federal government, industry, and the general public, will develop a proposal for legislation establishing rules and guidelines for identification and control of hazardous chemicals and determining applicability of the United Nations Globally Harmonized System for Hazardous Chemicals (“GHS”).

Draft National Climate Change Adaptation Plan Open for Public Comment

The Ministries of Environment (“MMA”) and Science Technology and Innovation, in coordination with state governments, private sector representatives, and academia, have published the draft National Climate Change Adaptation Plan for a 45-day public comment period, ending November 22, 2015.