The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) proposed to its Board a rate increase of 3.9% on transitional rates of natural gas, to be applied from July to customers who have not yet migrated to the liberalized market. The exception applies to the beneficiaries of the social rate, whose increase rate is limited to 0.9%.

ERSE’s proposal will now be examined by its Rates’ Council. The body, where the energy companies, as well as consumer groups are represented, shall deliver its opinion until May 15th. The regulator approves the final rates until June 15.

ERSE proposed this transitional rates increase to reflect the increase in the cost of supply of the end of last year and the payment of a tariff shift originated in 2011.

The average monthly bill, estimates ERSE, should raise 0.39 Euros in the consumption profile of a childless couple, or 0.80 Euros for a family of four.