The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has recently announced that a new security campaign has been launched to correct the expatriate status of all individuals who live and work in Saudi Arabia unlawfully in breach of Saudi Labour and Immigration laws. The renewed campaign started on 29 March 2017 and is anticipated to last for three weeks. During this period all expatriates living illegally in Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to present themselves to the authority and will not be subject to any sanctions, fines and\or imprisonment. They will however be deported from Saudi Arabia without being blacklisted and then they will be able to return to Saudi Arabia after fulfilling the official requirements for an Iqama (i.e. work visa). This follows the arrest and deportation of large numbers of illegal residents in recent years after spot checks on the streets.

Although this latest campaign will again mainly focus on public areas such as streets and check-points, and will be managed by the MOI, we believe that a committee could be formed to assist the Ministry of Labour and Social Development to work more closely with the MOI with the intention of conducting further inspections of the private sector as well.