The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”) published the Guide to the Development and Promotion of Industrial Internet Platforms ("Guide") and the Measures for the Assessment of Industrial Internet Platforms (“Measures”) on 9 July 2018.

The Industrial Internet Platform (“IIT”) refers to an Internet platform for industrial enterprises to: integrate complex data, give predictive analytics and drive the optimisation of operations.

By 2020, the Chinese government will cultivate and promote around 10 cross-sector and cross-region IITs and a batch of other IITs which focus on one particular sector or region. In addition, China will promote the standardisation of IITs by making a series of national standards that cover the key technology, which includes edge computing, data management, data security, etc. According to the Guide, these national standards will refer to international standards and encourage the cloud model. The aim is to realise the free transfer of data between different IITs.

Following the Guide, the Measures provide the main evaluating criteria for different types of IITs, which cover general requirements (e.g. resource management ability, application and service ability, fundamental technology, input and output ability), requirements for single industry-focused IITs (e.g. equipment accessibility, software development, user size), requirements for single sector-focused IITs  (key-data integration, key-area optimisation), requirements for single region-focused IITs (e.g. co-operation, synergy and promotion ability within the region), and requirements for cross-industry and cross region IITs (e.g. cross-industry, cross-sector ability, and cross-region ability, open source, security and reliability).

Please click here to read the full text (Chinese only) of the Guide and the Measures.