On 13 August 2014 the Anti-Dumping Commission ("ADC") advised that it had made a Preliminary Affirmative Determination ("PAD") in respect of the alleged dumping of deep drawn stainless steel sinks exported from China ("Sinks"). The broader investigation into the alleged dumping and/or countervailable subsidisation of the Sinks follows an application lodged by Tasman Sinkware Pty Ltd, an Australian sink manufacturing company.

According to the ADC, the PAD reflects that the allegedly dumped Sinks appear to have caused material injury to the Australian industry producing like goods.  Securities will be required and taken in respect of interim dumping duty on Sinks entered for home consumption on or after 13 August 2014.  The Notice specifies the rates of interim dumping duty applicable to importers.  These rates range from 19.4% to 61.5% .  In relation to the allegations as to countervailable subsidies, the ADC has not issued a PAD nor does it require securities at this stage.

Importers are advised to contact the ADC to ascertain the actual security liability calculation applicable to their particular circumstance and make arrangements for providing this security to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.  Importers can also provide comments on the PAD to the ADC.  The ADC will issue a Statement of Essential Facts on or before 5 October 2014 and provide a final report to the Parliamentary Secretary on or before 19 November 2014.