The OPA has posted draft prescribed forms for FIT 2.0 on its website. The OPA notes that the forms are for reference only and may be revised. No opportunity for public comment has been provided.

In a review of the draft FIT 2.0 Prescribed Forms, the following items are of note:

  1. The OPA has issued a Municipal Council Support Resolution, as well as a Municipal Council Blanket Support Resolution. The blanket resolution enables a municipality to declare its support for all projects located anywhere within the municipality for a period of twelve months after its adoption by Council. The municipality can offer its support for all or select technologies in issuing a Municipal Council Blanket Support Resolution. Unlike the Aboriginal Support Resolution, which is a general declaration of support for the application and the project, each of the municipal council support resolutions are stated to have the sole purpose of enabling the applicant to achieve priority points.  
  2. The prescribed forms of Zoning Opinion and Zoning Certificate for Non-Rooftop Solar Facility do not provide additional clarity on the OPA’s interpretation of the land use restrictions on ground-mount solar PV under the FIT 2.0 Rules.  
  3. Despite the flexibility afforded in the definition of “Economic Interest” for ownership interests other than equity in a corporation or a partnership interest in a partnership and for indirect as well as direct interests, which the OPA may determine in its sole and absolute discretion to constitute an “Economic Interest”, the prescribed forms of Aboriginal Participation Project Declaration and Education or Health Participation Project Declaration are best designed to address direct ownership of securities and partnership interests or units.

The OPA has not yet released any of the prescribed forms relating to the FIT 2.0 Contract, other than the prescribed form for the Consent of Co-op Member & Property Owner Declaration for Community Participation Project Declaration, which is in a substantially similar form to that required under the FIT 2.0 Rules.