In order to strengthen the cooperation between TIPO and JPO and to reduce the applicant’s burden of repeated deposits, TIPO and JPO officially launched the “Cooperative Program on Mutual Recognition of Deposit of Biological Materials for the Purpose of Patent Procedure” on June 18, 2015.  Under this program, Taiwanese and Japanese applicants, can, before filing of a patent application, make a deposit of biological material involved in the patent application at the depository institution designated by either side of the TIPO and JPO (the depository institution designated by the TIPO is Food Industry Research and Development Institute, “FIRDI”; the depository institution designated by the JPO is International Patent Organism Depositary, “NITE-IPOD” or NITE Patent Microorganisms Depositary, “NPMD”), and further submit the deposit certificate issued by the depository institutions to the TIPO or JPO within the specified time period.  Such deposit is considered complete and will not be subject to the limitation that biological materials should be deposited at the domestic depository institution.

Charles Ma