The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Wojciech Wiewiórowski has issued a press release stating that, whilst the Artificial Intelligence Act is welcomed by the EDPS, there must be a ban on the use of remote biometric identification in public spaces.

The EDPS regrets that earlier calls for a moratorium on the use of remote biometric identification systems – including analysis of faces, gait, fingerprints, DNA, voice, keystrokes and other biometric or behavioural signals - in publicly accessible spaces have not been addressed by the Commission. The EDPS believe this to be necessary given the high risks of deep and non-democratic intrusion into individuals’ private lives.

The EDPS have committed to undertaking a "meticulous and comprehensive" analysis of the Commission’s proposal to support the EU co-legislators, and will give particular attention to setting boundaries for tools and systems which may present risks for the fundamental rights to data protection and privacy.