Food advertising rules set to tighten: The Committee of Advertising Practice has launched a consultation on proposed changes to its code on food advertising to children. Changes proposed include extension of the ban on advertising of high, fat, salt and sugar foods to all forms of advertising with an audience of 25% children, whether the age of children for this purpose should be reduced from 16 to 12 and also whether use of celebrity endorsements, cartoon characters etc. should be allowed for healthy food options aimed at children.

Closing date 22 July: View >Comment: Sustain >Food and Drink Federation >

Better EU law making commitment: The EU Commission, Council of Ministers and EU Parliament have published a detailed ‘Interinstitutional Agreement’ setting out how they will work together going forward to improve the quality of EU rule making. View > View >

Mechanism to test innovative ideas: The FCA has launched a ‘regulatory sandbox’ concept to enable businesses to test ideas and concepts that don’t fit current legal frameworks - opening the way for similar mechanisms across Government? View >

Novel food applications: The Food Standards Agency, Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes is seeking views on two potential novel foods: DHA-rich oil: View > and Calanus Finmarchicus: View >

Review of Public Health England: The Department of Health has issued a call for evidence as part of a review of the functions and performance of Public Health England – Closing date 24 June. View >

EU Regulation: Makes a few changes to the EU list of permitted countries and certificate requirements for import of animal products. 2016/759 >

Mission-led businesses consultation: BIS has highlighted its consultation on mission-led business models - Closing date 8 July. View >