General Administration of Customs (GAC) Announcement № 58 announced the launch on 18 October 2016 of a “cooperation platform” website in order to build a closer relationship between enterprises and the GAC. Enterprises with a IC card or IKEY card may use the website immediately. Other enterprises will have to register first and other functions will not be immediately available.

The website will have the following functions (rough translation):

  • Enterprise information: enterprises can query the enterprise customs registration information, customs personnel information, corporate credit rating, the annual report submitted, customs error records, customs operations for information.
  • Customs Department for business: enterprises can apply for registration of enterprises through the platform, the declaration business license, enterprise registration information change, the declaration of administrative licensing changes, corporate certification applications, review enterprise customs errors.
  • Enterprise troubleshooting: enterprises involved in customs problems may raise issues with Customs through the platform in time for enterprises to solve or coordinate the solution.
  • Policies and regulations: the Customs can push through the platform national and customs import and export policies and regulations to the enterprise, so that enterprises can understand and master them in a timely manner.
  • Enterprise materials submissions: enterprises can submit the annual report of the enterprise, corporate certification report, self-evaluation of enterprise certification and other materials.
  • Customs Department business: the platform will automatically declare the validity of the enterprise, the annual report submitted to the Customs Department for the situation to remind the business to avoid the relevant enterprises overdue customs operations.