Governor Andrew Cuomo says details are coming soon for homeowners and municipalities eligible to apply for flood relief made available through the $55 million Lake Ontario Disaster Recovery bill he signed June 29th.

Lawmakers were called back to Albany for a special session to vote on the bill, which reduced the amount of funding from an earlier version that provided $90 million to several counties impacted by unusually high water levels of Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence Seaway this spring.

The amended grant program allocates up to $15 million for repairs to businesses; up to $15 million for property owners; and up to $15 million for infrastructure repairs for municipalities-all suffering flood damage between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31.  The funding can also be used for local government flood mitigation or flood control projects in the impacted area.

There is also a provision that provides local governments and school districts with special permission to cut property tax bills for affected property owners.

The legislation also includes sales tax rate extenders that will allow Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties to keep their 4 percent rates for another three years and extends mayoral control of New York City public schools for two years.