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Current developments

i Recent cases

Supreme Court and selected High Court and Traditional Rights Court decisions can be accessed via the Marshall Islands judiciary website.

ii Developments in policy and legislation

Recently, the Marshall Islands adopted amendments to its Associations Law in regard to companies incorporated in the Marshall Islands in order to phase out bearer shares. The reasoning for the relevant amendments by the Marshall Islands Corporate Registry is to bring the Marshall Islands in line with the implementation of certain transparency requirements of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in relation to inter-jurisdictional exchange of ownership information for tax compliance purposes.

iii Trends and outlook for the future

The Marshall Islands, with its balanced rules and regulations, has grown increasingly popular among shipowners over the past decade. The Marshall Islands is a widely accepted flag by financiers, who will ordinarily readily accept a Marshall Islands mortgage as collateral for a loan. With the rapid rise of vessels flagged in Marshall Islands, new laws, regulations and case law can be expected.