We have received reports that the "MUMTAZ AMCA", a 1983 built General Cargo vessel flying the Liberian flag, has had a fire and explosion on number one cargo hold. Unfortunately one crew member perished and another was injured.

Claims for GA and cargo damage are possible.

It is carrying a cargo of coal.

If you would like assistance in dealing with any potential claims for GA and recovery of your losses, please do contact us.

Our in-house master mariners are part of our service and their assistance, together with our extensive track record in marine matters (over 1,000 years of collective experience) are key resources in dealing with cases such as these.

This casualty notice is a free of charge service. If you feel a colleague would like a copy please do let us know.


Vessel: "MUMTAZ AMCA "

Casualty date: 28th February 2018

Casualty type: Explosion/fire

Vessel type: General Cargo vessel

Year built: 1983

GRT: 4921

Voyage from/to: Tuapse to Diliskelesi

Cargo: Coal

Vessel IMO number: 8213720