Well it has been a long time coming but Congress just released the compromise bill that appears highly likely to pass both chambers and will modify the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) to make it even more important. As the crown jewel of the federal response to the robocall epidemic, the TCPA has long afforded a private right of action allowing consumers to recover up to $1,500.00 per call. The new bill, however, strengthens the FCC’s right to pursue penalties against violators and introduces new requirements around anti-spoofing authentication frameworks and require annual reports to Congress from the FCC regarding the scope of robocall complaints.

It also creates an interagency working group that will review whether additional TCPA enforcement by regulators should be authorized, including a grant of enforcement authority to the CFPB, the DOJ and other agencies.

We here at TCPAWorld.com will digest over the weekend and provide definitive guidance early next week. For now, however, you can find the text of the bill here: COMPROMISE TRACED ACT

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