According to a recent HHS Office of Inspector (OIG) report, "Aberrant Medicare Home Health Outlier Payment Patterns in Miami-Dade County and Other Geographic Areas in 2008," Miami-Dade County, Florida, was responsible for more Medicare home health outlier payments in 2008 than the rest of the country combined. Another 23 counties nationwide also exhibiting "aberrant" home health payment patterns, the OIG found. Among other things, the OIG reports that more than 85% of home health providers that received outlier payments of over $100,000 per beneficiary were located in Miami-Dade County, and outlier payments for claims with a primary diagnosis related to diabetes were eight times the national average in this area. The OIG recommend that CMS: (1) continue its efforts to cap individual home health provider annual outlier payments; (2) review and respond to providers with aberrant outlier payment patterns, and (3) continue with efforts to strengthen enrollment standards for home health providers. CMS concurred with the recommendations and noted it was taking regulatory steps to limit home health outlier payments.