Clarilis, the LegalTech pacesetter in intelligent drafting solutions, today announced the launch of ‘Real Estate Plus’, the most comprehensive suite of automated documents available to commercial real estate lawyers. Real Estate Plus comprises more than 70 deeply automated documents frequently used by commercial real estate teams – covering sales, full lease lifecycle, short-term occupation, options and pre-emptions, and collateral warranties. For the first time, property lawyers have access to a single suite of robust, deep automations that will speed up and streamline the drafting process for documents they most frequently create.

Real Estate Plus emerged as a result of demand from Clarilis’ law firm clients to expand its successful automated Model Commercial Lease (“MCL”) Lease and Asset Management suites. Understanding the criticality of high-quality precedents when creating automated content, Clarilis sought the input of the highly respected commercial real estate team from international law firm, Gowling WLG. Each automation in Real Estate Plus is built from a powerful combination of robust industry standards and curated content provided by Gowling WLG lawyers. These automated documents are available off-the-shelf, with no implementation required – click here to see a full list.

Real Estate Plus is a significant addition to Clarilis’ automated content line-up for the real estate sector. But it’s not only an advancement in the LegalTech provider’s offering but also a positive step forward in terms of the power and value of standardisation in the legal space.

James Quinn, CEO at Clarilis commented:

“The whole team here at Clarilis believe passionately in standardisation as a launchpad for accelerated LegalTech adoption. Commercial real estate is a fiercely competitive area of law, with matters routinely carried out on fixed fees and with tight margins. The more drafting that can be automated in this area the better the market can be served. 2 Clarilis Real Estate Plus is a significant expansion of our work with the MCL drafting committee’s content and is a direct result of feedback we have received from a wide range of firms - encouraging us to expand the scope of automated documents we offer. We are delighted to team-up with Gowling WLG to provide additional content to compliment the MCL suite and to cover key additional areas – the result is a compelling offering for law firms.”