The Slovak NCA approved the creation of a full-function joint venture controlled by the undertakings Swan (owned by Ing. Juraj Ondriš and Ing. Pavol Ondriš) and Sandberg Capital, správ. spol., a.s.

The Slovak NCA's assessment focussed on the effects of the merger in the field of electronic communications. Several relevant markets and segments in this field were identified by the parties in the merger control notification. The NCA analysed in more detail the wholesale market for the lease of circuits, services of complex ICT solutions, retail markets in relation to fixed internet access (with possible breakdown by customer type – referred to as services for mass market and for business customers) and services of individual data transfer solutions, business customers.

On these markets the activities of the merging parties overlap horizontally and vertically. Competing providers of electronic communications networks and services submitted a number of complaints. The NCA assessed the horizontal effects of the merger on the wholesale level as well as on the retail level regrading high-quality fixed internet access services and also assessed the effects of the vertical relationship of the parties' activities.

The Slovak NCA concluded that the merging parties' overlaps and markets shares are sufficiently limited with significant other players to clear the transaction after a careful analysis of all markets concerned.