Guidance on seeking redress following Competition Law breaches: The Competition and Markets Authority has published guidance for ‘victims’ on the potential routes to redress, following passage of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. View >

Support for civil fines: The Competition and Markets Authority has lent its support for use of civil penalties in consumer law regulatory matters. View >

New screening tests for adulteration: The Laboratory of the Government Chemist has published details of new methods to detect contaminants in durum wheat pasta and also illegal dyes in foodstuffs. View > View >

Folic acid fortification: FSA Ireland has published a detailed analysis of the need for and options surrounding fortification/supplements for potential mothers. View >

Tackling illegal cosmetic products: The Chartered Trading Standards Institute has highlighted activities of ‘London Trading Standards’ in tackling illegal cosmetics. View >

Value of EU agencies to citizens: The EU Commission has published a promotional video for the work of its agencies including EFSA. View >