This could be a game-changer: Ohio State University (OSU) researchers have invented a battery that “could make solar energy more affordable for homeowners and businesses and could open the door for its widespread use as a sustainable power source,” reports The Columbus Dispatch. Yiying Wu, a chemistry and biochemistry professor at OSU and a member of the research group, said, “[r]ight now, in order to use renewable energy, we have to use solar panels, but we have to save the energy, so then we also need to use batteries.” Wu and his students sought to integrate the battery and solar panel system into a single device. He said that current systems “lose about 20 percent of the energy solar panels collect when the energy is transferred to a battery.” The system invented at OSU “maintains nearly all of the energy.” Mingzhe Yu, a doctoral student who invented a component of the new battery, said the OSU battery should also lower solar-energy system manufacturing costs by around 25 percent. For more, read the full article