• On June 15, 2011, Chairman Genachowski spoke at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association Cable (NCTA) Show in Chicago and discussed broadband adoption in the United States, which he characterized as “far from good enough.” The Chairman praised the cable companies for increasing broadband adoption, but called on them to step up their efforts “a few notches.” He also announced a Broadband Adoption Task Force which will bring together FCC, private, and public representatives to brainstorm strategies for increasing broadband adoption.

More information on the Chairman’s remarks is available here.

More information on the Broadband Adoption Task Force is available here.

  • FTC Chairman Liebowitz spoke during a policy luncheon also held at the NCTA Show and endorsed metered pay for broadband. Noting that most products operate as “pay for what you use,” Chairman Liebowitz expressed surprise that metering was not used by broadband operators, especially when heavy users can slow service for other users of the same system.