The FCA has published its third Data Bulletin which gives it the opportunity to highlight some of the information it holds which it believes will be of interest to authorised firms.

The edition includes:

  • ScanSmart – the FCA has recently launched the next wave of its campaign to show consumers how to spot investment and other scams.
  • Approved persons and the new Senior Manager and Certification Regime – in the year ended 31 March 2015, 24,906 applications were received from persons seeking to be granted Approved Person status.
  • Skilled Person Reports – between January and March 2015, the FCA commissioned 15 Skilled Person Reports relating to personal investment, consumer credit, investment management, banking and general insurance broking.
  • Financial promotions reviews – the FCA has stepped up its rate of financial promotions reviews in the last three-month period. The FCA’s intervention level varies widely across the sectors, in the last three months the FCA has required financial promotions to be amended or withdrawn in more than 28 cases in investments and 42 cases in consumer credit, representing 33% and 59% of the 86 interventions across sectors.