Following the rejection by a Florida jury of all claims made by Instituto Nacional de Seguros (as we reported on July 9, 2014), a Costa Rican insurer, against two reinsurance brokers, Hemispheric Reinsurance Group and Howden Insurance Brokers, the trial court entered final judgment in defendants’ favor. The court conducted an evidentiary hearing to determine reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. It entered judgment in the amount of $3,134,459.30, which included an award of $2,456.131.10 for attorneys’ fees, $497,469.32 for taxable costs, $96,297.00 for expert fees, and $84,561.98 for prejudgment interest. Instituto Nacional de Seguros v. Hemispheric Reinsurance Group, Case No. 10-33-653 CA 04 (Fla. Cir. Ct. Jan. 5, 2015).