On 7 October the Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) launched an email address for individuals to report – informally and confidentially – anticompetitive practices to the CNMC.  The CNMC hopes that the new reporting system will increase the detection of competition law infringements. 

This new tool is intended to complement the existing procedures, which include formal complaints and leniency applications, for "whistleblowing" on anticompetitive practices in Spain. Over the past five years these procedures have helped the CNMC to detect dozens of cartels, for which it has imposed fines totalling 448 million euros.

The new email address permits any interested party to alert the CNMC of any suspected infringement of competition rules without having to comply with the formal requirements of the existing procedures. Any customer, competitor, or employee of an undertaking can inform the CNMC that the undertaking is involved in a competition infringement either by e-mail [email protected] or by telephone +34915369061 /+34915369069.  Informants will not be required either to identify him- or herself, or to provide proof or a detailed description of the alleged infringement.

The CNMC's new approach increases the likelihood that anti-competitive conduct will be discovered.  It is therefore more important than ever that companies ensure that all of their personnel understand – and abide by – the competition law rules.  To assist you, Bird & Bird's Competition & EU Law team has created an e-learning tool to provide your staff with practical and interactive training on competition law compliance.  Our competition lawyers also run on-site compliance trainings.