An Environmental Working Group (EWG) investigation has reportedly concluded that 49 processed snack foods contain propylparaben, a preservative commonly found in cosmetic products. In light of its findings and various studies allegedly linking exposure to the chemical to decreased fertility and other hormone-related issues, EWG is urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to reconsider the preservative’s current “Generally Recognized as Safe” status as a food additive.

“It is of great concern to us that the use of an endocrine-disrupting chemical in our food is considered safe by our own government,” Johanna Congleton, an EWG senior scientist was quoted as saying. “European Union regulators do not permit propyl paraben in food. So why do we?”

EWG is soliciting concerned consumers to sign an online petition to food companies that states: “Your company uses the endocrine-disrupting chemical propylparaben in your products! Parabens are being taken out of some cosmetics and food products, but you continue to expose consumers to this chemical. As a supporter of EWG, I demand that you get hormone disruptors out of your food products!” See EWG News Release, April 8, 2015.