California’s pesticide regulator has reportedly filed a petition against Whole Foods alleging that several of its pet products, including cat litter and dog and cat flea spray, contain pesticides that have not been registered with the state. Cal. Dep’t of Pesticide Registration v. Whole Foods Mkt. Cal., Inc., No. 2013-00150499 (Cal. Super. Ct., Sacramento Cnty., filed September 9, 2013). State law evidently requires pre-approval of pesticide products so they can be tested and approved for safe use. The company is reportedly cooperating with the state and has indicated that it “looks forward to addressing the matter before a judge.” If Whole Foods has violated state law, California may impose fines. According to an agency spokesperson, failure to register pesticide products has been an ongoing issue with the Austin-based retail grocery chain and the agency intends to investigate it for a range of purportedly unregistered products. See Huffington Post, September 12, 2013; Associated Press and ABJ Morning Call (Austin), September 13, 2013.