What follows is the full text of Bill S.325, introduced in the Massachusetts legislature this term. 

SECTION 1. LIABILITY RELIEF In the event an individual or group of individuals unknowingly purchase contaminated residential land that does not qualify for Brownsfield funding and are not the polluter, they must be relieved of liability and fines in connection with said pollution. The Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) must be proactive in balancing public safety with feasibility. Specifically, where you have residential land that naple is present on part of the land. And, the innocent land owner wants to build over the area naple is not present and designate through an activity use limitation (AUL) the area with naple subsurface as a parking area, the DEP must accept, in a timely manner, this as a permanent solution where there is no eminent danger to environment and man. SECTION 2. MANDATE FUNDING In the event, where the DEP desires additional testing (fishing expedition) the DEP must perform said testing without cost or harm to the innocent land owner. SECTION 3. LICENCE SITE PROFESSIONAL CONFLICT(LSP) In order to prevent the appearance of a conflict of interest, there should be a different LSP at each phase of the permanent solution steps.

I invite readers to top this as a model of succinct legislative drafting. Fortunately, this bill is not in eminent danger of being enacted.