REMIT Regulation published in OJEU: The European Commission (Commission) implementing Regulation on data reporting under the Regulation for Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) has been published in the OJEU. The various reporting obligations apply from 7 October 2015 or 7 April 2016. (Source: REMIT Regulation Published in OJEU)

CRA RTS published in OJEU: Three pieces of delegated legislation relating to credit rating agencies (CRAs) and made by the Commission in September 2014 have been published in the OJEU:

  • Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for the periodic reporting on fees charged by CRAs for the purpose of ongoing supervision by ESMA;
  • RTS for the presentation of the information that CRAs make available to ESMA; and
  • RTS on disclosure requirements for structured finance instruments.

(Source: CRA Legislation Published in OJEU)