Continued falsification of fuel economy data by Mitsubishi Motors

In April and May this year, we reported on Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (Mitsubishi Motors)'s admission that it had falsified fuel economy data for hundreds of thousands of cars sold in Japan over the past 25 years.

On 15 September 2016, following another inspection at the company by the Japanese Ministry of Transport, Mitsubishi Motors was issued with a further reprimand over vehicle mileage data fraud. The misconduct is found to have continued since the falsification of data came to light in April. This was the third raid on the company; a fourth may occur if the evidence collected during this latest inspection suggests the investigation into the scope of the company's non-compliance remains incomplete.

The further inspection revealed that data manipulation has continued for nine vehicle models. Since 30 August 2016, Mitsubishi Motors has voluntarily halted sales of eight of these.

The Ministry of Transport has re-confirmed Mitsubishi Motors' lack of compliance with legal standards, as well as inadequate corporate governance at the company.

Despite the resignations of the company's President and Vice-President, Chairman Osamu Masuko remained in his role following the original revelations. After receiving this further reprimand, Mr Osamu stated publicly, “We’ve forgotten our principle of putting customers and compliance first. We take [the further reprimand] seriously and deeply apologize.”

A proposed purchase of a 34 percent controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors by Nissan is expected to proceed before the end of the year. Among the vehicles affected by the fraud are 468,000 cars Mitsubishi Motors manufactured for Nissan, sold as the Nissan Dayz.