Our copy of the updated NEC3 suite of contracts arrived on the doormat recently. It has been described by the NEC as the biggest and most comprehensive suite yet.

So what’s in the box? In addition to the updated versions of the existing standard forms there is a new short form Professional Services Contract, ideal for use on smaller scale projects or for work with a very simple scope.

The existing contracts have been updated to reflect the amendments to the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act, particularly in relation to payment provisions and adjudication, and also to reflect recent industry developments. There is now an additional secondary option clause dealing with Project Bank Accounts, for example.

Finally, the box includes a number of useful and relatively concise ‘how to’ guides:

  • How to write the ECC Works Information
  • How to use the ECC communication forms
  • How to write the PSC Scope
  • How to use the PSC communication forms
  • How to write the TSC Service Information
  • How to use the TSC communication forms
  • How to use BIM with NEC3 Contracts

The updates to the NEC3 suite should reduce the need to make bespoke amendments to the standard forms. It is also hoped that interested parties will make use of the ‘how to’ guides to facilitate good management of a project. Following recent concerns regarding the take up of BIM it is also encouraging to see the NEC setting out guidance on the use of BIM with the NEC3 contracts.